A Life Of Faith…

…never ends. Joash had dedicated resources and even himself to the Lord through much of His life, but later,  surrendered it all to a foreign king.
You can start living a life of faith, and it’s good to do so. But remember to keep persevering, keep stretching, keep growing stronger. For tough times will come, and you must know that you know, God is with you to see you through.

The Needs We Have

Joash calls his mentor and the rest of the priests to task. Instead of using some of the funds collected to repair the Temple, somehow, the priests seemed to find other needs cropping up. And so, none of the resources went to repairing the Temple. 
We will always have needs. If we focus on that first, we will never get around to honoring God with our resources.

Make the choice to honor Him first and above all today.

Getting To Know God…As A Child

One of the greatest gifts we can give our children is the gift of knowing God through His Word. 
Jehoiada gave Joash a copy of God’s laws at the age of 7. How much could a 7 year old really do in leading a nation? Probably not much, but because of the foundation Jehoiada established with Joash in the Word, Joash did what was pleasing in the sight of the Lord during his 40 year reign. He even led the way in repairing and restoring the Temple. 

God has a plan for the next generation. He wants them to lead well and grow in their relationship with Him. May God give us grace and wisdom to help the next generation to know Him through HIs Word even and especially at a young age.

Where Are You Headed?

I wonder if those personal friends, important officials, and priests of Ahab ever considered the trajectory of Ahab’s life? I wonder if the thought crossed their minds that by aligning  themselves with him, they too, would share his same end?
What about us? Have we carefully considered the trajectory and end (for good or for bad) of those we’ve aligned with? I don’t necessarily mean all those we have relationship with, but those we share values with, heartily endorse, and pursue life with. Where are they headed? Let’s make sure that’s where we want to go.

 To what end are those you aligning yourself with heading?

God Provides

God can provide in any number of ways. But sometimes we miss it.

In this case he simply had the woman move. Earlier, He scared away an entire army so His people could feast on their supplies. In the widow’s circumstance, He miraculously caused the oil to flow from a jar. In yet an earlier event He redeemed a pot of poisonous stew and made it whole.

God is Provider, may we grow in awareness of the many ways He works.

The Windows Of Heaven

The amazing thing is that God didn’t even have to open the windows of heaven to feed the starving masses. Perhaps God let a tiny bit of His resources flow when He brought manna and blew in meat during their time in the wilderness.
But in this case, you could say He didn’t have to touch heaven at all, He simply used what was already there. 

Things that we think are hard, even impossible, don’t even tax God’s creativity, let alone his ability. In what area will you trust Him today?

When God Calls Us On A Difficult Journey

At the point when Elijah felt like he just couldn’t handle anymore, THAT’S when God calls him on a difficult journey. 
Wait, what? 

Isn’t He the God of all comfort? What’s going on?!? When things are so bad we can’t take one more thing, God should step in and give rest, right? So we think and believe. And sometimes God even works that way. But sometimes He doesn’t, and He puts an arduous journey in front of us instead. 

God doesn’t always work as we think (or want), but it doesn’t  mean He’s not working. Nor does it mean He doesn’t care. For whatever He calls us to, He will, as always, give us what we need for the journey.  A journe to a place where we can get perspective and focus.

Out Of Nowhere

Elijah appears out of nowhere. The first time he is mentioned in the Bible is as a major character in the story of Israel. 

He has no track record to speak of. Nothing indicates he would play a major role in Israel’s history. All we know is that he served God (‘the God I serve”). He lived his life without mention until…he bursts onto the scene. 

Do not be discouraged if you feel like you’re in hiding, like nothing is happening in your life. Continue to serve God through it all. You never know what God has in store for you.

What No One Sees

In this age of the internet there’s often a desire for recognition, even fame. Huram achieved such status in his day, having his name recorded for all time in the pages of the Bible for his skill in bronze. 
We want to be like Michael Jordan, Steve Jobs, or Huram in their shining moments, but are we willing to do the work in the times that no one sees?

Do you see any truly competent workers? They will serve Kings rather than working for ordinary people. (Proverbs 22:29, NLT)