How Is The Lord With Me?


Prison flickr photo by daily sunny shared under a Creative Commons ( BY ) license

But the Lord was with Joseph in the prison… (Genesis 39:21, NLT)

Joseph served God and his master faithfully in Potiphar’s house. He (literally) fled from sin, and so honored his master.

His reward? Prison.

If I’m in prison, for a crime I didn’t commit, after serving God faithfully, I’m not sure I’m seeing how the Lord is with me.

Because life is unfair. Because I just can’t take it anymore. And all I can do is complain and grumble, lament and wail.


Joseph does none of that. He continues to serve. He continues to trust.

For even in prison, the Lord was with Joseph.

In the midst of your trouble He is with you too.

Father, help me to see, how you are with me, whatever my circumstance.



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