Matthew 28_17

Even among those closest to Jesus, who knew him most intimately, who saw him physically resurrected and standing before them – some worshiped and…some doubted!

The basis of our belief and worship comes not from our physical senses but from the eyes of our heart, the eyes of faith. God can physically manifest to our senses and still, we can question, but when He speaks and our hearts burn within (Luke 24:32), we know.

And yet, so often I want God to prove Himself by doing things in my life rather than spend time listening as He speaks His Word to me.

Father, I need your spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Jesus. I need the eyes of my understanding opened up so I may know you more in all your glory, power, mercy, and grace.


2 thoughts on “Doubt

  1. Yes, Lord. I believe but help my unbelief. I often feel like the Father in Mark 9:24. But as I grow in my love and understanding, I’m learning to hold on to His promises when I don’t see and my faith wanes.

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