To Sleep In A Storm

Mark 4_38

In the midst of the storm it’s easy to wonder where Jesus is.

We’re facing a distressing situation and Jesus not only does nothing, He’s sleeping in the back of the boat! How could He be sleeping, now, when everything is crashing against my boat?!?

Jesus, don’t you care?

But what we see as a lack of care, God sees as an opportunity for faith, for His Word to take root in our lives and to bear fruit.

Father, this storm I’m going through, I don’t see an end to it, I don’t see a way out of it. Honestly, it seems like you don’t even care about what happens to me! Help me to grow in faith through this storm. I want your Word to take root in my life, the promises you made, the revelation of who you are. Bring me to a place of such faith and confidence through this, that I too, can sleep in the midst of the storm.


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