Integrity And Opportunity

1 Kings 18_3

Obadiah worked for an extremely wicked king (Ahab).  When evil, godless men (and women, don’t forget Jezebel!) rise to power and places of leadership, what is our response?

We can pull back and stay silent or strike back and defend. But Obadiah shows a different way.

He served with excellence, those who thought differently, who didn’t believe what he did, who actively opposed everything he stood for. Yet in his service, he didn’t compromise his work ethic, he didn’t slough off his responsibilities, nor did he put his integrity and relationship with God on hold. And so, when the time came, he stood in a place to save lives and make a difference.

Father, like Obadiah, Daniel, and Nehemiah, help me to serve well wherever you place me. Strengthen me to live with integrity and to fear you greatly, that I may be used for your purpose and Kingdom.


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