Words On A Page

Numbers 19_7

I grew up in the church. I’ve heard all the stories of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection too many times to count. And sadly, at times, familiarity, while not breeding contempt, has led me to take for granted what Jesus has done.

Sometimes, in an honest moment, all He has accomplished seems nothing more than words on a page.

Until I’m reminded of the long, involved process of purification. Of cleansing. Of being made right and restored to God.

Consider the water of purification in Numbers 19. A perfect heifer with no defects yet never worked in the field. Very specific instructions for the High Priest on how to slaughter and burn it. Then a ceremonially clean person must place the ashes in a purified place (and all that’s involved in getting a clean person and purified place).

Purification takes a lot more than words.

Father, help me to realize all Jesus has done to cleanse me and reconcile me to you. Let me never take for granted your love and your sacrifice.



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