Is God On Our Side?

Joshua 5_13

God gives us an assignment. It probably requires a step of faith. Perhaps we face some uncertainty as we seek to carry it out. And then God shows up. Things line up, everything falls into place. Surely God is on our side!

Except He is not. Win or lose. Success or something less, we find as Joshua did, that God is neither friend or foe. Instead, He flips the script completely around.

We discover, not that God is on our side, but we can be on His.

And when we do, we see victories and blessings stay in their proper perspective. We didn’t receive them because we’re special and got everything right, but simply because we’ve joined up with what He is doing.

What if, instead of asking God to bless what we are doing (even when it’s His will), we continue to ask and seek how we can continue to follow Him?


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