Jumping To Judgement

Joshua 22_13
It’s so easy for me to get annoyed, irritated, or flat out mad…even and especially with those who are closest to me.

Such was the case for the ten and a half tribes of Israel when they heard their brothers had set up their own “large and imposing altar” before crossing over the Jordan (Joshua 22:10).

“How could our fellow tribes do such a thing! After all we have been through together, after seeing what God did when we set up the golden calf so long ago!”

So they gathered their army and got ready to go to war.

But first, they sent a delegation.

How often have I simply reacted to the words and actions of others, especially my family members, those I work with, those I fellowship with, those who are brothers and sisters in Christ? I lash out, or worse, I fume in my heart and silently write them off. I bring my complaint…to others.

But first” never enters my mind. I assume. I judge. I condemn.

Father, it’s so easy to misunderstand the actions of another. Teach me to give grace, believe the best, and take time to ask questions and listen.


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