I Deserve A Break! (Don’t I?)

Judges 8_4

Amazing as it was that Gideon initially defeated such a large army with only 300 men, Gideon did something greater by finishing off the final 15,000 men with the same 300 (now battle weary) men.

I want to rest, after a hard days work, after a major (heck, even after a minor) victory. I deserve a break today after putting so much time, energy, and effort into a project. Into overcoming an obstacle. I’ve served the Lord well for all this time, it’s time to kick back.

But Gideon pressed on. With no support. With short-sighted friends complaining to him and about him. He finished the task. And so must we.

There are victories to be won in our lives. Don’t stop short of the finish. God will strengthen and sustain you through the end even when no one else will.


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