When God Spits In Your Face

Have you ever felt like God spit in your face? You ask Him to do something. You need Him to come through. You cry out to Him, you believe Him, you trust Him completely. He’s done it for others, but…

Maybe it was for healing of a loved one. Perhaps it was a dire financial need. Or someone you cared for deeply who lost their way. But whatever the case, when it mattered most, nothing happened. Or the situation got worse. God spits in your face.  

And so we feel like the blind man coming to Jesus, expecting a miracle, and feeling spittle instead. 

But could it be, when God spits in your face, He’s in the process of changing your perspective? It’s so easy to get locked into a human way of seeing our situation. And like it was for the blind man (and the disciples), the path to seeing rightly is a process. 

When Jesus spits in our face, it’s not to insult us, not to hurt us, but to heal us. He helps us to see everything from His Kingdom’s perspective. He brings to light what’s hidden in darkness. And He accomplishes His purpose in us and through us.

Don’t turn away. Let Him touch you and finish the work.


6 thoughts on “When God Spits In Your Face

  1. As long as it’s God spitting on me, I want everything he’s got for me…even spit! LOL! Amen! I know his spit is Holy and it will change me from the inside out. I really enjoyed this post…thank you Beckie…this is actually a wonderful, refreshing word from the Lord!! ❤

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    1. Thank you Beckie. Part of this post comes out of a sadness in seeing so many fall away when they feel like God has spit in their faces. If this helps one person to stick with Jesus in the midst of those feelings it’s worth it.

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  2. I love reading your messages but can’t get my head around the anology of Jesus ‘spitting in my face’. For any reason!! He may make me wait to teach me patience, give me the opposite of what I wanted out of life, but I know His reasoning is what’s best for me. I have complete faith that he loves me and would never ever do what you said other people may feel. Poor souls just don’t know Jesus well enough.

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    1. I totally understand. My heart grieves when people choose to walk away instead of letting Jesus finish His work in us. It may not be what we expected, but as you said, He does love us and does what is best for us.


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