Efficiency, Ease, Or Eternity

With only three years to accomplish the work of the Father for His life, surely Jesus would take advantage of every resource at His disposal. Yet Jesus needed to borrow a colt for His famous ride into Jerusalem. 

He had the resources to buy one (after all, some wealthy women supported His ministry). How many more towns could He visit, how many more teaching gigs could He have given, how many more could He have healed and delivered had He owned and rode a colt throughout His ministry?

Considering all He had to go through, this would have eased some of the physical strain. Besides, efficiency could have skyrocketed. But…

Not owning a colt made him more accessible. Not owning a colt made him more relatable.  Not owning a colt gave him more time to teach his disciples along the way. It served the Kingdom purposes better for HIm to NOT own a colt than to own one.

In an age of abundant resources and helpful tools (none of which I’m against), keep focused on what matters most.  

Ease isn’t the goal. Efficiency isn’t the goal. Eternity is.


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