Too Hard To Honor?

Saul made numerous attempts on David’s life. 
David’s crime? Defeating the giant. Bringing relief through music when an evil spirit tormented Saul. Leading Israel to victory over the enemy. Showing mercy to Saul when most would have run him through.

It’s hard to imagine how Saul could treat David worse.

And yet, for all that, when he heard of Saul’s death, David did not rejoice. Not even a private sigh of relief. Rather, David honored Saul with a song. As he did in life, he now did in death.

Honor comes easy when a person acts honorably. But how do you honor one who falls so far short?

How a person treats me does not determine the honor I give. Who they are to God matters far more. 

Father, when I feel like I’m treated unfairly, help me to see as David saw Saul. That they are chosen by you, and so, are worthy of my honor.


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