God Of The Improbable

…because the words seemed so improbable.

How could those taken captive, to a distant land, by a far more powerful nation, even hope to return home? They saw (with good reason) every circumstance working against them and beyond their control.

Have you been there? I say I believe in the God of the impossible, but in life, I have trouble with seeing him just as the God of the improbable.

A co-worker’s mom discovers she has cancer. My eyes glaze over as I wonder, “How probable is it for God to heal her?” And so I say little and do nothing.

Do I believe God is gracious and merciful? Do I believe He is powerful? Am I willing to humble myself before Him?

This is what I’m now learning to pray:

“I don’t know how this could happen or even how You could make this happen. But You are far greater than I can imagine. Even if I don’t understand You or Your ways, still, I will trust You.”

What circumstance are you learning to trust the God of the Improbable in today?


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