Preparation vs Faith?

Organization is good and needed and…God is not opposed to it. Structure helps. Preparation is often needed, even when God is on our side.
Personally, I like having control.  I like everything planned and organized.  I like knowing what’s going on and knowing what will happen. I believe, at least at times, we actually use “faith” as an excuse for shoddy preparation and planning.

Still, I find I stop myself far too often from doing what God leads me to because I can’t see how it will work. I avoid stepping out and taking risks because I’m not ready. If only I had a little more planning, a little more information.

Don’t let organization and preparation serve as a substitute for God. In the organization, in the planning, keep seeking God.

God…has the power to help you or to trip you up. (2 Chronicles 25:8, NLT)
(On a related personal note, we are in the midst of transition as a family. It is a step of faith and we don’t have it all figured out. Prayer is appreciated during this time. Also, my access to the Internet may be a bit spotty for a period. I will post as I’m able to and hope to get back to a regular schedule soon.)


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