Growing In Wisdom

Could it be that spending time reading and writing down the Word (as a scribe) helped Jonathan develop wisdom and insight?

I’ve altered my practice as I spend time in the Word to physicallywriting down verses that speak to me and stir my heart (as well as my thoughts on how they relate to me)

It causes me to slow down (this practice of writing – as opposed to copying and pasting or even typing) and take to heart a little more what I’m writing.

In the matter of wisdom it’s a practice worth trying. How do you read and process God’s Word? Does physically writing things down help you?


2 thoughts on “Growing In Wisdom

  1. What you are doing is marvelous. The Lord lead me to do this years ago and it changed my relationship with the Father. I love it so much that I wrote a study on it called Legacy.

    The Bible study devotional that I co-authored is a place to write down scripture using a method called S. O.A. K. —an acronym for Scripture, Observation, Application, and Kneeling in prayer.
    We’ve had some interest by a few publishing companies and are hoping for publication. Take a look on my website. Here’s the link:


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