When Faith Is Not The Issue

Ever feel like you needed more faith to do what God called you to? The disciples felt that way when Jesus told them to forgive someone who sinned against them seven times…in the same day!
“Even if that person wrongs you seven times a day and each time turns again and asks forgiveness, you must forgive.” (Luke 17:4, NLT)

But Jesus lets them (and us) in on a truth: Forgiveness is not a matter of faith, forgiveness is a matter of identity. It’s simply a part of who we are. He explains…

A servant works all day in teh field. When he comes in, he doesn’t expect a hot meal to be waiting for him, instead, he busies himself by preparing a meal for his master. 

It’s simply what a servant does.

The same is true for us. A believer sins agains us and asks for forgiveness, again and again. We forgive.

It’s not a matter of faith, it’s simply what a child of God does.

Father, relationships, especially with other believers, can get strained at time. It seems so hard to forgive, to work thing sout. It’s so much easier just to get offended and walk away. Thank you for showing me that working things through is just a part of who you called me to be. Let me walk that out  throughout this week.


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