Forgetting To Give Thanks

Do I take what God does in my life for granted? Or do I notce and appreciate what Jesus is doing?
We’ve recently made a move and taken a step (leap) of faith as a famiy. We sold our stuff, quit our jobs, and moved to another state…all without any work lined up.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the applying for jobs, looking for a place to live, and adjusting to a new environment that I forget to look and see how God is working. 

  • A part-time job
  • A few interviews
  • A good church to call home
  • Places to stay
  • The start of some new relationships
  • Unexpected checks

Lord, let me be like the one leper and remember to thank you for all you have done (and are doing) in my life.


One thought on “Forgetting To Give Thanks

  1. A key way to remember to give thanks is the gift of life. With the decline of the culture of life in America, we forget just how sacred and truly thankful to be “on top of the ground and not under it” as they said in my old church. Because we have a relationship both the Giver of Life, we should always express thanks and gratitude to see another day. We should be helping other see the importantance of sacredness life and living out the fullness of it in our lives with our faith.


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