Not Too Far Gone

The effects of sin are horrible, more far reaching and far worse than we could fully conceive or imagine.

Amazingly, in spite of this, with God, we’re not too far gone. If you feel like you’ve stepped so far over the line you can’t come back, remember David.

He who committed adultery with Bathsheba. And killed her husband.

Bad enough if he were an anonymous soldier, but Uriah distinguished himself as one of David’s 30 best warriors.

It’s hard to imagine a colder, harder heart than David possessed when he did this. 

Yet in spite of it all, later, after returning to God, David proclaims his righteousness and innocence. Did his sin not matter? 

No, but those things, our past, is not fatal. Our sin is not unforgiveable, nor must we live in condemnation. David experienced forgiveness. And so can we. We’re not too far gone with God. Return to Him today.


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