Thankfully, God Is Not Like Us

When we willfully go against God, it’s easy to think God simply writes us off, for we would do the same. But God is not like us. Even when we act stupidly or make dumb choices, God doesn’t abandon us.

A compromise here, a little justification there, or perhaps it was a slight indulgence of his own desires, maybe a weariness from needing to stay diligent. Whatever the cause, Jehoshaphat made a foolish alliance, entered into a bad relationship that seemed to offer so many benefits. Until it didn’t…and death pursued him.

So he cried out to God. And God heard him and helped him. Like the prodigal, when we come to our senses, we find God has been waiting for us all along.

Father, thank you for your goodness and grace. Let me never take you for granted, but wherever I’m at, let me draw near to you today.


8 thoughts on “Thankfully, God Is Not Like Us

  1. I like to draw the comparison as a parent, I may not always like (or agree with) the choices my children make. But, I wouldn’t be able to leave them behind for making a choice I didn’t agree with.

    I can discipline (in the strictest, “to teach” sense), but not punish them (because there is a difference between the two words).

    I am but a mere human, exceptionally capable of falling short as a parent; God is the Ultimate Parent, so He, more so than any other parent, definitely can’t abandon us!

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  2. Stories like Jehoshaphat’s help us see how full of grace and mercy our God is. This demonstrates why it is so important to become not only familiar with scripture— but to immerse ourselves in it daily. We need reminding that God is not like us. He is kind, forgiving and full of grace and mercy.
    The more we “take in” His word, the more we are transformed into His likeness.

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