Children And Youth And Why You Matter

Read 2 Chronicles 34:1-7

For eight long years after he took the throne, nothing happened. Idolatry ran rampant in Judah and a child was king. But behind the scenes, caring men and women raised him, invested in him, and spoke life to and over him. They fed him, taught him, and nurtured him. Over time, a longing grew, and Josiah began to seek the Lord.

Another four years, with no earth shattering changes. But God was working. Through the men and women around him.

After twelve long years, Josiah emerged to lead the nation, to remove the idols, and to bring his people back to God.

Parenting is like that. And so is the time and effort we take to invest in children and teens. Years may go by and nothing seems to happen. But seed IS sown. Life IS forming. Change takes place…though we do not always see it.

Who are the young people you can invest in today?

For some practical tips and inspiration, check out this podcast from Parent Cue with Josh Shipp.


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