The Quick Fix

I’ve never been one to play the lottery. From a mathematical standpoint, I know it makes no sense. Plus, I’m not a big fan of how it tends to hurt the poor who can least afford to “play.”

Still, when I drive by the big board on the way to work and see the jackpot climbing into the hundreds of millions, it’s hard not to wonder/wish for the the opportunity to come into a large sum of cash suddenly.

And it makes me think how we (or at least I) would like God to drop provision from the sky when I’m most in need. And sometimes He does.

But often, it’s through the process of the rain, and the harvest that comes, that God provides. For in that process He develops what truly matters and will last, a life of godly character, diligence, love, discipline, gratefulness, and grace. A life worth living and sharing and shining.

Don’t miss out on what God is doing in the process as we pine for the quick fix.


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